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?saturday Night Live? Pokes Fun At Piers Morgan, Justin Bieber In Cold Open

19, 2014 8:23am Video Saturday Night Live took on CNNs Piers Morgan and pop star Justin Bieber among others last night in the iconic comedy shows first 2014 episode. Bieber, portrayed by Kate McKinnon, appeared at the very end of the skit to address controversy over an alleged egg-throwing incident. The teenage heartthrob deployed multiple excuses to satisfy Farrah questions from Piers over the scandal, at one point declaring that it is a Canadian tradition to throw eggs at homes. Justin, Justin, I dont understand what that means, a confused Piers countered. Other public figures appeared earlier in the skit to issue apologies. Chris Christie, played by Bobby visit Moynihan, said he had been too worried to notice any traffic jams, contending he has budgets to balance, teachers to yell at and the gym to attend to.
More http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2014/01/19/saturday-night-live-pokes-fun-at-piers-morgan-justin-bieber-in-cold-open/

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