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Disney Stars Diss Miley Cyrus: David Henrie, Selena Gomez And Chris Warren Jr.

Believe me. I'm bout to start walking around w soap," states Henrie on his tweet. Aside from Miley wannabes, Miley's the only star that seems to think sticking her tongue out for photos is photogenic. Also, read the singer thinks having bleached eyebrows is a fashion statement as well. Of course, leave it to another site internet Disney star to diss her latest antic. "What is this 'bleached eyebrows/look like an alien' thing?? Is this for real?" stated Tiffany visit our website Thornton of "Sonny with a Chance." The most recent Disney star to slam Cyrus is Chris Warren Jr. of "High School Musical." Apparently, he isn't a fan of nudity.
Full story: http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/529461/20131212/disney-selena-gomez-miley-cyrus-david-henrie.htm

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