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'teen Mom' Cast: Farrah Abraham Snags Own Reality Tv Series? Plus Another Show Star Disses Jenelle Evans On Twitter [video]

Twitter/Mike McCann Jenelle Evans was challenged read to a Twitter match with Matt McCann, boyfriend of Teen Mom 3's Alexandria Sekella, on Tuesday, Dec. 3. The feud began one day after a judge told Evans she didn't have to pay child support to her mother, who has custody of her son. "Can someone ask [Jenelle] how not paying child support is a good thing? I'm so confused." McCann tweeted. He then went on a rant and wrote, "I still Farrah tape have pay child support, still have a job and still have attended college more than her.
Full story: http://www.enstarz.com/articles/30335/20131206/teen-mom-cast-farrah-abraham-snags-own-reality-tv-series-plus-another-show-star-disses-jenelle-evans-on-twitter-video.htm

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